Tomatis® Teaches the Brain to Learn. Faster.

The Tomatis® Method is:

  • Natural, gentle, non-invasive
  •  Suitable for any age - from babies to the elderly
  •  Individually customised for different learning goals
  • Provided in your home or in a Tomatis® centre
  • Supported by a wealth of research
  •  Gives lasting results
  • Easy, relaxing, and fun
  • Provided by well-trained and licensed professionals.

The Tomatis® Method was invented by Dr Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001). He was a French ear-nose-throat specialist and researcher. He made several important discoveries including;
The fetus can hear from the 18th week of pregnancy
The voice can only contain the sounds it can hear
Modifying listening skills will also modify the voice
The ear plays a critical role in cognitive development
The ear plays an important role in balance, muscle tone and posture intra-uterine listening is critical to emotional development

 In the early 1950s Dr Tomatis created a new educational method based on sound called “The Electronic Ear”.
The Tomatis® Method uses the natural auditory pathways and the same mechanisms as mother nature to stimulate different centers in the brain.
By applying rapidly alternating filters on music by Mozart, Gregorian Chant, and the human voice, Dr Tomatis demonstrated lasting 
changes in a person’s listening skills.
The results astounded him so much that he spent the rest of his life researching and further developing the Tomatis® Method.
Alfred Tomatis died in December 2001. Before his passing, he protected his important intellectual and scientific heritage by entrusting his son Christian Tomatis and Thierry Gaujarengues with the charge of his organization. Christian Tomatis, and Thierry Gaujarengues, have worked relentlessly to make the Method continually more accessible, innovative and effective.
By passionately working on the relationship between the ear and brain and by assuming the perfectibility of the latter, he pioneered the work on brain plasticity and in the field of investigation we now call "neuroscience ". Progress acquired in recent years is a posthumous scientific recognition to his intuition. 

It is now recognized that the listening and emotional management capacity are related, that the ear is an energy source for the brain, it has an effect on motor skills and body posture, and finally that the Tomatis® Method is an effective additional help in treating disorders relating to behavior, emotions, language and voice. One can only salute the determination of Alfred Tomatis to have followed his instinct. In his book "The Brain's Way of Healing", the famous neurologist Norman Doidge gives tribute to Alfred Tomatis whom he considers a pioneer and whose legacy is now measured in light of current discoveries. Today, his Method is a unique and powerful tool used by schools, hospitals, therapists and educators to help the greatest number of individuals. 

Today Tomatis® is available in 75 countries across 5 continents. More than 2,400 practitioners work with 200,000+ clients every year.

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learning difficulties hearing loss

learning difficulties hearing loss


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