Happy kids
Happy kids

Happy Kids and happy families

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Client stories

"Three years ago our daughter worked with Jan to develop her confidence and improve her learning. Now she is head girl at her large secondary school and really happy with herself and life itself. We are very, very thankful to have worked with Jan."

" Jan asked me what I liked about coming to Tune2Learn. My reply was everything, well nearly everything. I like doing the painting, the ball exercises, blowing bubbles, footbaths and beating Jan at picking up marbles. Doing reading with the microphone was pretty cool and listening to the music was ok. Sometimes the exercises were hard but Iā€™m getting better and I like getting new exercises to show Grandad"

"It was worth it, Four years ago I went to see Jan once a week. I was very shy and had no confidence. Jan helped me and I had fun at every session. Now I have just been named head girl at a large private school so my family are really proud of me. I worked hard but it was well worth it to be where I am now"

"Our 7 yr old daughter had struggled to read and had lost all her confidence. After 3 programmes of listening with Jan she has made nearly 3 years progress and is a much happier child. We are thrilled"

"After only one programme our 8 year old son finally keeps the covers on during the night and hasn't had any meltdowns". He is now asking when he can do more music?

"My husband no longer has noise control on speed dial, he's so much nicer to be around". (Wife of a 60 yr old)

" I can ignore the party across the road and fall asleep, it's awesome". ( 50yrs + women)


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