Vision and Learning

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Primitive Reflexes

After teaching for over 20 years and always being fascinated with why some children learn easily while others struggle I came across the work of Sally Goddard who is now one of my “heroes”. This introduction to Primitive and Postural reflexes opened my eyes to possible causes of learning difficulties and how the brain actually learns. Primitive Reflexes are the first part of the brain to develop and should only remain active for the first few months of life. In typical development, thes...

January 12, 2021

Vision and Learning

Vision and LearningRecently I had an eight-year-old boy, come to see me. The first clue to where his difficulties may lie were shown when he started to draw a picture and his nose was virtually touching the paper. I then did some eye-tracking activities and found his vision was blurry. Added to this, his inability to see the text I was expecting him to read and I knew he needed to see a behavioural optometrist ASAP.Just because a child passes the school vision testing doesn’t mean they can see...

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