Listening Tests

This assessment shows how the ears are working. 

-Can the person hear through both bone and air conduction?

-Are the left and right ears working together?

-Can the person hear the difference between similar sounds?

-Can the person hear in all frequencies?

-Does the person hear too much or not enough? 

About Active Listening

Active Listening provides support and fun, natural drug-free programmes to change how the body and the brain work together.  We use specialised listening programmes and sensory integration exercises to take advantage of the brain's Neuroplasticity.  Programmes are individualised and work on a huge variety of difficulties including;  Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Developmental delays, and Audio / Sensory Processing issues. Our calming programmes also help with sleep issues, anxiety, stress, bed-wetting, travel sickness, Tinnitus and general well-being.

Get in touch for a free phone consultation and discussion about how I can help you . 

Sound therapy

Working with own voice.

About me

Hi, I'm Jan.

I'm an experienced primary school teacher with a passion for Neuroscience and how this research can be applied to education and well-being.

I completed a Masters in Education several years ago but still questioned why some children can learn easily while others have to work really hard to achieve even basic skills. On my journey I have learnt a lot about myself and why I have hard to work much harder than my friends. I was born prematurely and only weighed 4lbs, which has had a huge impact on many aspects of my life.

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and explaining how foundational skills such as bi-lateral integration, the functions of the vestibular system and sensory-processing all contribute to the way a person learns. 

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Information videos

These short videos explain how the listening programmes work.

Client Feedback

This programme is amazing. I enjoy learning about how and why it
works as much as I've enjoyed doing each programme. My husband is speaking more
clearly and I feel more able to plan ahead, my processing is faster, I'm less
"foggy headed".  My daughter also tells me my singing is more in
time.   (Two nearly 60 year olds)

Jan asked me what I liked about coming to Tune2Learn. My reply was
everything, well nearly everything. I like doing the painting, the ball
exercises, blowing bubbles, footbaths and beating Jan at picking up marbles.
Doing reading with the microphone was pretty cool and listening to the music
was ok. Sometimes the exercises were hard but I’m getting better and I like
getting new exercises to show Grandad. (11 year old boy)

Our 7 yr old daughter had struggled to read and had lost all her confidence. After 3 programmes of listening with Jan she has made nearly 3 years progress and is a much happier child. We are thrilled. ( Happy parents)

From Grumpy to Great

Ari came to me after lockdown last year. His mother had noticed how much he was struggling with his schoolwork, especially in reading. She also felt that getting help for Ari was more important than just getting him assessed and labelled. We started with a consultation and a listening test. The listening test showed Ari’s ears were not working together and he showed some anxiety with different frequencies. A phonemic awareness screen also identified many difficulties including an inability to tell the difference between similar sounds and difficulty with sequencing sounds. During the initial assessment Ari struggled to read a short passage and when he drew a picture his nose was just about touching the page. I immediately recommended a behavioural optometrist assessment and Ari received glasses very quickly.

Ari’s family noticed changes with just one programme including;

Keeping the blankets on and sleeping better

More dry nights

Better ball handling skills

Ari continued to follow a personalised listening programme and a year later we are all amazed at the changes…

Reading level increased by 14 levels from level 6 to level 20+

An improvement in the layout of his writing

Dry every night

Happy to go to school

No more meltdowns

Takes less time to organise himself

A much happier child who now enjoys singing to himself

(3 years increase)

AND best of all he really wants to read!!!!

I’m Jan a Tomatis® Level 4 consultant. I am also a qualified primary school teacher with over 30 years teaching experience. I would love to speak with you about how Tune 2 Learn can help you or your child. Get in touch with me  here

learning difficulties hearing loss

learning difficulties hearing loss


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